Common Ground is made possible, of course, by the creative and passionate contributions made by all the artists, curators, sponsors and our non-profit partners.

In fact, many other people have been essential to ensuring the success of Common Ground.
Thank you to all those named below, and to others that we may have missed here.

Angelique Mitchie • Dan Brumer • David Guerra (Phantom Lithography) • DJ L.Croskey a/k/a MrNumberOnderful • Diana Rivera • Ed Leung (Sign-A-Rama) • Iva Kaufman • Jeff Hayes • Jenna Rosher • John Stulak • Laurie Forrest • Lora Yan Chen • Maggy Cuesta • Matt Treves • Michael Katzman • Micki Hassemer  • Muriel Magenta • Richard Freund • The ‘Danmer’ Family • Todd Mailes • Kathy Rappaport • Valentine Reitblat • William Ming Sing Lee • Xochitl Maiman • David Williams • Steven Raphael