Larry Richard – Common Ground Founder

As a marketer and promoter, Larry has produced nationally touring art and technology events for nearly 20 years. Gathering together artists, corporate sponsors and technology innovations, he’s produced exhibitions, conferences and public events, each drawing thousands of attendees and generating significant print, broadcast and online media coverage, including Shared Dreams, a collaboration of Cuban and U.S. artists, the national tours of The Dezo Hoffman Collection and the Legends of Rock Collection, each being collected works of fine art photography, and Online Expo, a conference and exposition in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco in 1994 demonstrating to business people and consumers alike what the Internet future had to offer.

With the ongoing success of Shared Dreams since 2004, Larry has turned his attention to leveraging this experience in order to support his passion for a sustainable environment. Common Ground was born from this desire to encourage artists and technologists to use their talents and imagination to communicate with each other – and by extension with the rest of the world – about issues of equal importance to every one of us on the planet: A clean environment for ourselves and our children.

Iva Kaufman

Co-founder of Art, Culture & Technology (ACT), Iva Kaufman pioneered the production of digital media in the public interest – and continues to promote the application of new technology to enhance cross cultural communication and action. Her emphasis is on curating and presenting inter-disciplinary works in performance, installation and virtual environments. Her aim is to promote human rights learning, strengthen culture, and build community.  Currently, ACT is engaged with CommonGround 2010, the Action Center to End World Hunger, the Urban Design Lab, and the Citizen’s Network for Sustainability in producing the DiversiT Series in partnership with the TSalon in New York and Los Angeles.

For over 30 years Ms. Kaufman has focused on building the capacity of NOGs engaged in conflict resolution, women issues, environmental justice, and economic empowerment as a philanthropic advisor and grantmaker.  She is currently on the board of the People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning and the Circumpolar Conservation Union. Ms. Kaufman consults on behalf of projects in the domain of media and advocacy, as well as social enterprise initiatives that are national and global in scope.