Dorothea Beer-Kramer

“Dotthy” was born in March, 1957 in Aachen / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Germany. She lives and works in Hessen, near Frankfurt am Main.


Exhibition at the Bad Vilbeler Volksbank, 1993
Artist gallery, Bad Vilbel/Germany, joint exhibition, 1993
Exhibition of the students of the “Silk and Art-School” in Riedenburg /AltmY?Nhltahl/Germany; 1993
Joint exhibition of the Artists from Karben in France / St. Egr?ve; 1994
Joint Exhibition at the “Karbener BY?Nrgerzentrum” ; 1994
Vernissage “Seelenwelten” (World of soul) at the alte Synagoge in Assenheitm/Germany; 2004
Art at the river, an initiative of the KuK Assenheim/Germany an association of art; 2004
Second exhibition of World of soul at Ralf’s Rockbar, Gelnhausen/Germany; 2004
Joint exhibition “FrY?Nhlingszauber” at Staden/Germany; 200


Article in the first Online Magazine from In co-operation with Markus Gann we published the article “Day, Noon and Sundown” dealing with techniques regarding the combination the three elements mentioned before, especially using the program TerraGen ; 2004
Several book cover designs for INTRAG-Publishing U.S.A.; 2003 – 2006
Several CD-cover designs for the music producer Largo / Germany ; 2006 – 2007