Amalia Pellegrini

Amalia Pellegrini’s career spans some 22 years and more than 50 nations visited and expressed in images and words. From Scandinavia’s icy teeth to the Sahara’s simmering sands,  from Patagonia  Fire Land  to  the  Japanese  temples  framed  by cherry  trees in  blossom. Her creative eye has ingested and transfigured a wide range of scenarios  from civilized to primitive cultures. Politicians, royalty, and influential art patrons have praised her work. She appears often in prominent Italian and European media and has won a number of prestigious prizes.


My art language tells of CoExistence through the symbolic visualization of the synthesis of a variety of elements fused one another, even in a most audacious yet meaningful arTchitecture, pursuing the aesthetic of an emotion.

“My dark room is my THIRD EYE. My Veils [dreamscapes] are free of digital device. Two separate, opposite elements becoming enhanced by their fusion creating the fantastic new image. Each of the TWO components reveals and empowers each other equally. I am only using the old so called ‘sandwich’ technique…putting one  slide over the other—like two lovers — to fuse opposite components the MAGIC comes from my inner art…. When I START…I do not know how it will end…and I do not want to know.   Actually there is NO end…but constant  EVOLUTION”.