CG’s Chinese Artists

Congratulations to the artists who were selected for the 2008 Chinese Artist Collection. They are listed alphabetically, with a link to in the Common Ground Chinese collection. We have also provided a website link where other works of theirs can be seen. Click here to see the other Common Ground Galleries.

Artist Title
Cao Qiangxi reset
Huang Jun Red Frog Series: Dragonfly
Jiang Pengyi All Back to Dust-02
Jiang Pengyi All Back to Dust-03
Jiang Pengyi All Back to Dust-05
Jiansong Chen Finally Hope
Leung Wing Man Desertification
Liu Ren Someday Somewhere-07
Man Chi Wah Untitled
RongRong Huang
ShuAn Li Untitled
SummyGoss White not clean
XiaoChen Fu Circle of Sorrow
XingGuo Liu
XingGuo Liu
Xu Zhang
Yang Yi Uprooted-04
Yang Yi Uprooted-06
Yang Yi Uprooted-18
ZhenYu Qu Green Death
ZhuQing Jiang Xiangzhi Xielie – Li•yue