03 May 2010

Are You a TADAE ?

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Sacrede Heart #4 by Max Eternity

One of the esteemed Common Ground artists, Max Eternity , is also the publisher of a terrific online magazine called AD Mag (short for Art Digital Magazine). Max has also been a champion of helping to define those creative persons who fall into the TADAE fine art subset.

TADAE (pronounced: Today) is a moniker, which stands for Traditional And Digital Artist Engineer. “Persons who might choose to define themselves in the TADAE subset”, suggests Max, “are artistic engineers, art technologists and traditional artist who embrace the virtual aspect(s) of their work as a natural continuum to the legacy of the existing, pre-digital, global arts community.”

TADAE artists use cutting edge digital techniques in their creative pursuits while paying respect – even incorporating – time-honored traditional artistic genres and practices.

Check out Max’s piece in the Gifted Artists Collection in the Common Ground 2010 Gallery. It’s called called Sacred Heart #4.


2 Responses to “Are You a TADAE ?”

  1. dee hood says:

    Once again Max, you have led me to another interesting site! The book looks great and your image is wonderful! Congratulations!

  2. Eternity says:

    Using art and technology to speak to a transforming society is as relevant today as it was nearly 100 years ago when Walter Gropius–founder of the Bauhaus–declared the motto of the school to be “Art and Technology: A New Unity.”

    Common Ground has captured this spirit, and in creating the Sacred Heart series “Sacré Coeur d’Haiti”, it was my intention to draw from the magical landscape style paintings often seen in the work of Haitian artists. Holding that in mind, I set out to use the new technology in an artistic way to reach directly to a core aspect of Haiti’s cultural and spiritual life, creating these “heart” works based on the spirit flags of Haiti, employed in various religious ceremonies native to that land.