02 May 2010


Events, Technology Comments Off on The BLAME GAME Begins

BP ‘s chairman of their U.S. subsidiary on Sunday blamed failed equipment on a drilling rig for the oil-well blowout and subsequent huge leak into the Gulf of Mexico.

The leak, which began April 20, is threatening the Louisiana shoreline. It now poses a threat of an unparalleled ecological disaster, and some experts say it could endanger the coast from Louisiana to Florida. The leak into the Gulf Stream and the approaching hurricane season could combine to send a slick down Florida’s Gulf Coast, around the tip of the state, up the Atlantic Coast and beyond. It’s become so extensive that U.S. officials on Sunday banned commercial and commercial and recreational fishing in areas from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle.

Needless to say, this is a HUGE RED FLAG in the face of our government’s recent suggestion that we open up even more offshore drilling. But this is not just an issue for Americans. The big oil companies are pressing ahead to drill in every corner of the world, while trying to ‘manage’ the affects of this current disaster.

What is it going to take to move the conversation away from ‘Drill, baby, drill”?

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