28 Apr 2010

The Story of Everything

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Victor Raphael (RT) and Clayton Spada (L)

Sounds like the title of a book that most of us would love to read but never get around to finishing.  Infinitely interesting, and definitely thought provoking.  In fact, it’s merely the subtitle to an amazing art collaboration from two of our artists in Common Ground 2010, Victor Raphael and Clayton Spada.

Called From Zero To Infinity: The Story of Everything their collection was recently on exhibit at the USC Doheny Memorial Library and Gallery in Southern California.

Raphael and Spada collaborated on From Zero To Infinity in the same way they worked together in creating the iconic piece called “Common Ground” that is the centerpiece of the Common Ground 2010 exhibition premiering at the A & I Gallery on Los Angeles later this year.

Their artist collaboration starts with gathering images, texts and inspiration from ancient and modern books. They don’t claim to have the answers to life questions with their broad perspective on things.  They are more interested in inspiring more questions. Their pieces blend imagery from the science, philosophy, religion, and mythology.

“I don’t have the answers to the universe,” Raphael said. “However, I think there’s a lot to be said for not discounting things we’re not familiar with just because they’re not from

our culture or point of view. I think when you can combine these ideas in imagery, it reaches people on a different level than reading as a story or as a didactic.”

We are thrilled to have them be a part of the Common Ground exhibition.

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